//Discovery Seminar (TBA)

Discovery Seminar (TBA)


The Discovery Seminar is a caring, inspirational, and educational environment for discovery in the most crucial aspects of your life. You will discover what stops you in life. You will realize new ways to be more effective; acquire generosity and fulfillment in both your personal relationships and your career, while experiencing new levels of self-confidence, vitality, joy, and satisfaction.

You will see the degree to which your current thinking and behavior is (or is not) consistent with your highest aspirations and your vision for life. You will discover new possibilities for yourself that are not determined by your past, but rather, generated by your commitment to your future. You will leave this life-altering experience with the tools for immediately creating more of what truly matters to you..


The Discovery Seminar is a 3 day training where we will cover:

Day 1: Relationship Skills and Accountability
Day 2: Blocks to Leadership and Taking Action
Day 3: Personal Power, Loyalty, and Dedication


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