//Mastery Seminar (TBA)

Mastery Seminar (TBA)


The Mastery Seminar gives Discovery graduates the chance to redesign their lives using the most powerful transformational and educational tools available today . You will have the opportunity to breakthrough all of the limiting beliefs that were discovered in the basic course.

You will become clear on your own life vision, and through the Advanced Course tools, you will actually turn that vision into reality. You have something unique to offer this world!


The Mastery Seminar is a 4 day intensive course where you could take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world.

Day 1: Live According to Who You Are
Day 2: Touching the Spirit Within
Day 3: Stepping Up in Life
Day 4: The Power of Influence

Important: This seminar has as pre-requisite the Discovery Seminar



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